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Our Story

In response to the uprising of the Algerian people on February 22, 2019 against the ruling regime, has emerged from the belly of this popular revolution on February 22, the Revolutionary Committee for Unity and Action, composed of Algerian revolutionaries and “Hirakis” living in Algeria and worldwide.
These revolutionaries are technocrats without political or ideological orientation, their only goal is the total liberation of Algeria and the establishment of the state of law under the respect of freedoms and human rights.

The 5 founding members of CRUA decided at the meeting on October 29, 2019, after months of “Hirak”, the official announcement of the founding of CRUA on November 1, 2019.
The founding members of the CRUA also met and unanimously recognized the need to establish the first basis of the committee and to extend it to other members of scientific and technical expertise to mobilize all energies to defend the interests of Algeria and the Algerian people.

It is important to highlight that the CRUA is not a political party
It’s a revolutionary project

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